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“My life was truly changed by the excellent treatment I received at Thomas Physical Therapy!”

Roger P.

“The friendly and professional folks at Thomas Physical Therapy have enabled me to play golf and racquetball again after two surgeries for herniated discs in my lower back. I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone recovering from an injury.”

Laurence B.

“I am thrilled to find that in only two months I have regained 5/8 of an inch of my lost height. In addition to that, my right shoulder range of motion has increased so that many more of my golf shots are landing in the fairway. Thanks!”

Elaine B.

“After several compression fractures, I developed a hump in my mid-back, which I was always self-conscious about and a constant source of pain. Thanks to Thomas Physical Therapy, the hump has shrunk.

Due to excellent physical therapy treatment and self-help information given at Thomas, I no longer have to sit or lay down all day. I can stand and cook a meal and I can bake again. I’ve discontinued my pain medication and have also returned to my exercise routine three times a week.”

Ann L.

“On the very first day I experienced pain relief and knew I was in the hands of experts. In one month, I was entirely discomfort-free! With skillful therapeutic guidance I continue to work on strengthening and flexibility so that I can prevent this from ever happening again.”

Linda K., Retired Physical Therapist

“The simplest movements had become painful. I couldn’t look over my shoulder to change lanes when driving. I would wake up in the middle of the night with neck pain. Thanks to the proper treatment and exercises, I feel 100% better. No problems with movement or pain. What relief!”

Connie Z.

“For years my hands would tingle and become partially numb after attempting simple tasks like writing, chopping, sewing, and even holding the steering wheel. Treatments from other disciplines gave me complete relief for a few days and the problem always returned because my posture needed correcting. Sarah and Randy did soft tissue mobilization to facilitate movement and gave me exercises to do at home to help correct my posture and futher loosen tight muscles. Thanks to Sarah and Randy’s expert diagnosis and skillful techniques, I’m able to do those things I couldn’t before. If the tingling returns I know how to correct my posture. I am pain free and very grateful!”

Jan Z.

“Due to an auto accident I was eventually referred to Thomas for therapy. Having hit the steering wheel with my chest, my mastectomy scar and tissue was swollen and tight. Ribs were out of line and muscles were spasmed. After extensive therapy I am much improved. It is a pity I was not aware of this type of therapy before my unfortunate accident. After a breast revision I was terribly uncomfortable with swelling and tightness. Therapy could have helped immensely. I recommend it highly!”

Carol B.

“One month ago, I couldn’t move without excruciating back pain. Today I feel like a new person, ready to get back into living. Recommended by a friend as a miracle worker, Randy certainly lived up to that description. His extensive knowledge of human body mechanics, his talented manner of “layman’s term” analogies and explanations, and his strict attitude of teaching self treatment all combine to make him an extraordinary role model for American physicians. I leave here with a new awareness of being surrounded by lifestyle products poorly designed for physical health. I’m lucky to have come here!”

Linda H.

“The very first day at Thomas PT, Randy isolated Andrew’s problem and put him on the road to recovery. He began playing golf soon after his first treatment and has continued therapy over the last six weeks. During that time, Andrew has won a Tournament of Champions at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando and was the low scorer for his team at the Florida High School Regional Tournament in Ocala – pain free! Andrew receives excellent treatment at Thomas. Not only is he feeling better, he also understands the importance of proper stretching and exercise to maintain the flexibility and stability needed for a healthy golf swing. Thank you Thomas’!”

Bob W. (Andrew’s father)