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Thomas Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized clinic that offers expert care for individuals seeking treatment, knowledge and guidance for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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  • I could not believe how much better I felt after my FIRST appointment with Sarah Thomas. The soft tissue massage and basic exercises provided great relief immediately. I learned that my knee, hip and thigh pain wasn't from my hip - it was from by back. I FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!

    Paula G. Back Pain

  • I had severe numbness in my thumb and first 3 fingers and was unable to quilt and would drop things. After treatment from Sarah at Thomas Physical Therapy I have only occasional slight numbness in two fingers. My strength has returned and I CAN QUILT ONCE AGAIN! Thank you Sarah!

    Pat G. Carpal Tunnel

  • I had level 6-8 pain in my low back, left side and thigh after sustaining a compression fracture of L-3 from a fall. After several months of PT I'm completely healed with NO PAIN and on the path to regaining my strength and flexibility. Thanks staff and particularly Dr Cheryl Wynn!

    Joe G. L-3 Compression Fracture

  • I had level 7 pain and stiffness throughout my back and most of my joints when I started therapy with Cheryl. My pain level is now a '0' and my whole body moves 100% better. Thank you Cheryl and Thomas Physical Therapy!

    Jerry M. Back Pain

  • After a full knee replacement five years ago, I suffered from chronic pain and inflammation. After working with Randy and Cheryl, my knee pain and swelling were eliminated completely! To date, I am able to get in and out of the car and drive with little to no discomfort, which was impossible before my treatment at Thomas.

    Elinor S. Knee Replacement

  • When I started with Thomas PT I had great difficulty driving as my neck motion was greatly decreased. I had pain in my back, shoulder, neck, jaw and headaches. The therapy I have received at Thomas's has RESTORED MY QUALITY OF LIFE. Driving, sleeping, daily chores and dining are once again enjoyable and pain free.

    Shade C. TMJ

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