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"Look no further if you are seeking a true healing experience with not only a well trained team of physical therapists but an opportunity to have a staff whose goal is to teach you to maintain your body's function after completing your course of treatment. After having 2 debilitating car accidents and making progress but never able to get over the chronic pain that included periods of fibromyalgia, sciatica, and pain in neck, back, hips, knees, and neuropathy in feet and legs I thought that I may need to settle after 6 years of all types of chiropractic, massage, other physical therapy, prolotherapy and other injections, as well as surgery. Randy has done more for me this year with a break for covid than I was hoping for. He has adjusted exercises and taught me to keep my back and sacrum in place with a simple floor program in the morning that sets me up for a strong day of getting back to being able to drive further, walk better, and complete tasks that I had given up on being able to do for my home and yard. I praise God for allowing me to drive over an hour each way to find a true healer. If you are looking for the best I would recommend seeking Randy and Sarah's help. "
Aug 25, 2020
""The Best Physical Therapy in the area! Randy is absolutely amazing. His medical knowledge of the human anatomy has taken me from a place of constant pain to healthy wellness. I am so grateful for the patience, empathy, and positive attitude that have healed my body, mind and spirit. THANK YOU so much!!" "
Jul 22, 2020
"Thomas Orthopedic to me has been like a lighthouse when your stuck in a storm and not sure which way to turn. They are so competent and encouraging . Ive needed their help on more than one occasion and I always wind up back on course more prepared for my journey through life. Its is a pleasure and blessing to have access to their services. I recommend them to many of my friends and clients. Thank you Randy"
Jul 21, 2020
"AMAZING ! I initially went to them with severe, bone-on-bone left shoulder pain, looking for relief and hoping NOT to have to have it replaced. Randy was my therapist, and after working with me for one month, came to the conclusion that I may, in fact, have to have it replaced. Mayo Clinic did that job, and Randy re-habbed the shoulder to perfection. I was SO impressed with is approach; if one exercise (at home) caused me an issue, the next day I was in for rehab, he'd ALWAYS find an alternate exercise that would use the same muscles, but work for me. Three months later, that shoulder was fully functional, and remains so to this day. Yes, the right shoulder had be replaced, too, and once again, he was there for me. My surgeon at Mayo was equally pleased when I went in for my last check-up. Cheryl and Sara have also worked with me, and are equally impressive in their abilities to solve issues and create positive results. They LOVE their work, and it shows. Their office is very supportive to their patients, and that is critical in the health industry. I will always recommend TOSPT to others. Thank you, Team ! "
Jul 17, 2020
"I have been a patient of theThomas Physical Therapy family for over 20 years now Randy is not only the very best therapist i have ever gone to. He has treated my back for years teaching me how to take care of my back getting me up and around so i could continue with my daily life and all other activies. Which includes golf tennis walking ect. His care and concern for me goes way above the normal range. after many years. We have built a trust . His ability to relive my pain. and his methods teaching you how to care for yourself . Randy is truly amazing he has a gift for recognizing your issues and putting together a plan for recovery. over the years when ever i have had problems Randy is my first call, This year i had a full knee replacement i was sent for therapy . not only did he get me up and about in record time my doctors are amazed at my progress and i am beyond there exceptions. He has made it possible to enjoy my retirement life. I do not hesitate to recommend Randy. "
Jul 16, 2020
"Excellent results, effective treatment plan, professional and caring people, especially my therapist Cheryl. Solved my knee and back issues and taught me how to stay healthy and keep my gains. The staff were also effective, e.g. sent in my paperwork to insurance co. the same day as treatment. And never a delay in the waiting room. I heartily recommend Thomas P.T. Laura"
Jun 08, 2020
"I came to Sarah at Thomas Physical Therapy complaining of severe chest pain from seat belt trauma associated with a car accident. I choose Thomas because they had helped me with persistent neck pain about two years earlier. They fixed the problem and left me with a few simple exercises which I continue to use today to keep the neck issue from recurring. This new trauma was more severe. Although there were no broken bones I was unable to push, lift or turn without a lot of chest pain. Just getting in and out of bed was an ordeal and if I had a sudden sneeze it took a minute or so to recover. I was anxious to accelerate the healing process so I could get back to playing racquetball and golf. Over a two to three week period Sarah was able to break down some chest expanding exercises into small manageable challenges that I was able to handle and gradually make progress in returning to normal. She also noted some balance issues affecting my agility on the racquetball court and addressed those as part of my overall exercise and improvement program. I know if I stick to the home exercise program she has prescribed I will continue to enjoy a more flexible and pain free quality of life. I would recommend Thomas Physical Therapy for anyone wanting to relieve pain from physical activity or to learn exercises and techniques to prevent it form occurring in the first place."
Apr 28, 2020
"After having issues with balance for quite a while, falling in a parking lot and nearly run over by a car, I decided that it was time to do something to help correct the situation. My first attempt at finding some therapy was a real downer. I was given very little direction, put on a machine and the instructor would go on to another client. After five visits I decided to move on, there had to be a better way. A friend of mine mentioned that she had gone to Thomas Physical Therapy and was very pleased. I called, made an appointment and went. WOW! As they say, first impressions are the best and that is exactly what I received. Very clean! I was greeted by Suzanne with a big smile and taken by her to my private room. My therapist, Cheryl, came in to greet me and sat with me for over an hour listening to my concerns. I have been there for a few months now and I am making great strides. Cheryl makes my sessions fun and her expressions, like walk like a warrior or stand tall like the Statue of Liberty cracks me up. Before I leave, I am given a detailed print out of the exercises I am taught that day. I have learned that exercise does not have to be an assigned time, but can be worked in to my daily routines. Thankful for finding Thomas'"
Apr 28, 2020
"There is only ONE place in Volusia County to go for physical therapy...THOMAS! If you have ever been to another clinic, you know there is no comparison. Thomas excells in their therapists, the therapists' education and experience and CARING. If you want to get rid of your pain almost painlessly; if you want to be treated like you are loved family; if you want healing advice; get yourself to Thomas Orthopedic and Sports. Enough said!"
Apr 21, 2020
"They are the best! Went to one physical therapy group & very disappointed. In the six times that I went, I was given four different trainers with no record of what was done on previous visits. At Thomas’s I have requested same trainer and each time I go I am instructed in a timely and professional manner. As each workout is introduced, I am given a printed copy of previous & new workouts for my records. The facility is immaculate, staff is friendly & knowledgeable. "
Mar 17, 2020
"I'm an occupational therapist, and have worked closely with many physical therapists in hospital settings. I know what good treatment should look like. All of the therapists at Thomas Physical Therapy are the real deal. Their technique is excellent and their help and encouragement to follow through at home are very well thought out. If you need physical therapy, you can't do better!"
Mar 10, 2020
"I have been coming to Thomas Physical Therapy for many years for a variety of issues. I have had rehabilitation for a total knee replacement, bad back and most recently a hip replacement. The entire staff is so encouraging and effective in their treatment. I am back doing things I never thought I would be able to do again. They are the best!"
Mar 04, 2020
"Thomas Physical Therapy is the best. I would and do recommend their services to many of my friends."
Mar 04, 2020
"Since finding Thomas Physical Therapy about three years ago, my back ailment and lifestyle has become enormously better. I now have many more good days. And it allows me to continue my passion of real estate and commercial photography, virtually pain free. "
Feb 19, 2020
"From Tina-Marie and her office staff to Ms. Thomas and Ms. Wynn, Thomas Physical Therapy was quite honestly a gem of a find and the evening was very unexpected. Due to a recent knee injury I signed up for one of the free informational seminars the offer to the public. In all honesty I went expecting to get some basic information and then be sold for an hour on their services. As the seminar began I realized very quickly that this would not be the case! The seminar was led by Sarah Thomas one of the owners / pt and from the moment of first introductions and getting to know the group, you could feel the family feel of this therapy office. The session was extremely informative, informal, and comfortable to be in. Ms. Thomas addressed the group and asked about each of our injuries and concerns and then took the time to tailor her presentation on the ailments we were each feeling. She worked with different people from the group all the while showing the rest of us the movements and providing suggestions on how these injuries and ailments could be strengthened with different types of therapies. After an hour and half of extremely well presented information and engagement the group was smiling and happy and many of us talking among one another were very pleased. It truly was just an information session and it is obvious from the time and care that Ms. Thomas took that she TRULY cares about what she does to help others! I will definitely be back not only as a guest of another seminar but hopefully a new client as well!"
Feb 07, 2020
"My PT experience has been extremely productive and positive. Randy Thomas’s knowledge and ability has provided me with long term pain relief and whole body wellness beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him. "
Feb 03, 2020
"I was in a horrific car crash that lead to emergency bilateral ORIF surgery on my knees and femurs. When I started with Cheryl I had very little ability to bend my knees and got around in a wheelchair 3 months later my knee flection has improved greatly and I am now able to walk with a cane. I’m so grateful of the effort and individual attention I receive here. Im very confident with more sessions I will be walking without any assistive devices and live life as I did before my accident "
Jan 14, 2020
"I was at the Knee workshop tonight, 1/9/2020 at 5:30 PM. It was very informative and very encouraging to know there are other ideas for people who suffer from pain in a chronic situation besides have to be on medication, injections and surgery. People want to be rid of their chronic pain and chronic conditions. It is nice to know there are other options. The workshop is free and it is very informative. "
Jan 10, 2020
"I have been a patient of Randy's for the past 3 winters with two knee issues and now a neck issue. He is the most gifted therapist I have had the pleasure to work with and has relieved my pain as well as saved me from any surgery. Randy genuinely cares about his patients. I don't dread going to my sessions as I know I will be better!! My biggest concern is that I never want him to RETIRE!!"
Jan 06, 2020
"Very knowledgable and caring. Don't assume that your pain is so intense that surgery is the only option. I have learned that therapy takes patience, Randy and Sarah care about your recovery, have the knowledge and skill to treat your injury and aid in recovery without a surgical option. Even without a surgical threat, corrections of long term structural disorders can aid in a more pain free lifestyle. "
Dec 31, 2019
"Without question, the best physical therapy around--even better than in New York. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. Randy is a miracle worker with the physical body. My work with them has been a Godsend!! "
Dec 07, 2019
"These are my first line “go-to” health care practitioners who understand the anatomy, alignment, and function of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues. They use a very thorough investigative hands-on method of physical therapy that diagnoses and then treats all of our sports injuries, postural imbalances, and alignment problems. Sarah, Randy, and Cheryl have helped me and my sporty family with every acute injury and chronic musculoskeletal imbalance over the past fifteen years and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their positively brilliant treatment and their brilliantly positive friendship!"
Dec 05, 2019
"I have been going to Thomas Physical Therapy for physical conditions that range from weakness to pre- and post- operative therapy. I have worked with Randy, Sarah and Cheryl over the years and each is an expert who works to improve my physical conditions with specifically tailored exercises that have helped me become stronger over the years. But, perhaps as important at least to me is the the fact that each one cares about their patients. It seems as if you are the only person they work with that day. Why only five stars?"
Dec 03, 2019
"Before treatment at Thomas Physical Therapy: I could only turn my head ½ to the right. After one session of deep tissue massage, I can turn it all the way to my shoulder. I could not drive a car due to level 8 knee pain and instability. I am driving again! I could barely walk and tottered from side in side with knee and ankle pain at level 8. I now walk like a normal person with occasional level 1-2 pain. I had to sleep in a recliner due to level 8 back pain. I can now sleep in bed all night and only experience a little stiffness in the morning, which dissipates with one of the PT exercises. After only 5 months of seeing Randy once a week, I can do a little gardening again. For the first time in 6 years, since my hip replacements, I can put socks on my feet without using a sock helper. My level 8 shoulder pain is gone now that I no longer have to use my arms to push myself up out of chairs. I can even get up from low toilets with no problem. I no longer have to use the handicapped stall. I could not straighten my right leg. There was a 1” gap under my knee above the table. I had to keep a pillow under that knee. After a few deep massage sessions, I can now straighten that leg completely and no longer need a pillow under it. After 2 weeks of treatment by Randy, my shoulder bursitis pain was 90% alleviated and my mobility improved to 90% without a cortisone shot or pain meds. I am more limber and physically stable. I am no longer afraid of falling while standing or walking. My pains are 95% gone. I can pick up things off the floor again! I feel like a new person! "
Nov 15, 2019
"Randy has been helping me with my ankles swelling with his deep massages. He also helped me with knee pain after I fell. He and the whole staff are very pleasant and very helpful. "
Nov 08, 2019
"These folks are totally terrific. This is how to restore your faith in American health care. I have been using these folks for several years and have no complaints. I always have good sessions. Thank you, Thomas !!!!"
Nov 04, 2019
"I could not believe how much better I felt after my FIRST appointment with Sarah Thomas. The soft tissue massage and basic exercises provided great relief immediately. I learned that my knee, hip and thigh pain wasn't from my hip - it was from by back. I FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!"
Aug 01, 2019

I had carpal tunnel surgery on 5/14/18 because of severe numbness in my thumb and first 3 fingers of my right hand. Three months later there was still no improvement. I was unable to quilt because I couldn’t pick up my straight pins or close safety pins. I would drop things and that was especially embarrassing in stores.

After 5 weeks of treatment from Sarah at Thomas Physical Therapy I have no numbness in my thumb and first finger and only occasional slight numbness in the my middle and ring fingers.

My strength has returned and I CAN QUILT ONCE AGAIN!

Thank you Sarah!

Pat G.

Sarah was able to give this exercise enthusiast her life back. I cannot than you enough for your expertise and care!

Kate S.

I had level 6-8 pain in my low back, left side and thigh after sustaining a compression fracture of L-3 from a fall. The pain level did not change from the time of injury for 3 months until starting therapy. Based on having excellent results from prior physical therapy treatments with Dr. Cheryl Wynn, I returned for care. After several months of PT I’m completely healed with NO PAIN and on the path to regaining my strength and flexibility.

I believe Thomas Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy is like having an insurance plan in your filing cabinet in the event you have an injury. Thanks staff and particularly Dr Cheryl Wynn!

Joe G.

I had level 7 pain and stiffness throughout my back and most of my joints when I started therapy with Cheryl. My pain level is now a “0” and my whole body moves 100% better. Thank you Cheryl and Thomas Physical Therapy!

Jerry M.

After a full knee replacement five years ago, I suffered from chronic pain and inflammation. After working with Randy and Cheryl, my knee pain and swelling were eliminated completely! To date, I am able to get in and out of the car and drive with little to no discomfort, which was impossible before my treatment at Thomas. I am now able to work in my yard again, and recently, I was able to NORMALLY climb 20 stairs, which was the first time for me in over 5 years!

Thank you Thomas Physical Therapy!

Elinor S.

When I started with Thomas PT I had great difficulty driving as my neck motion was greatly decreased. I had pain in my back, shoulder, neck, jaw and headaches. A sound nights’ sleep was not possible because of constant waking as a result of pain. Normal household and garden chores were out of reach and even eating was an ordeal dealing the TMJ. I felt years older than my 71 years. My quality of life was terribly compromised.

My pain level upon beginning PT was a constant 4-5, and higher with the simplest activity. I now, only occasionally, experience level 1-2 pain. The therapy I have received at Thomas’s has RESTORED MY QUALITY OF LIFE. Driving, sleeping, daily chores and dining are once again enjoyable and pain free.

I must also comment on the very personal and helpful attitude from the office staff.

I am a whole person again!!! Thank you Randy!

Shade C.

"Due to an auto accident I was eventually referred to Thomas for therapy. Having hit the steering wheel with my chest, my mastectomy scar and tissue was swollen and tight. Ribs were out of line and muscles were spasmed. After extensive therapy I am much improved. It is a pity I was not aware of this type of therapy before my unfortunate accident. After a breast revision I was terribly uncomfortable with swelling and tightness. Therapy could have helped immensely. I recommend it highly!"

Carol B.

"One month ago, I couldn't move without excruciating back pain. Today I feel like a new person, ready to get back into living. Recommended by a friend as a miracle worker, Randy certainly lived up to that description. His extensive knowledge of human body mechanics, his talented manner of "layman's term" analogies and explanations, and his strict attitude of teaching self treatment all combine to make him an extraordinary role model for American physicians. I leave here with a new awareness of being surrounded by lifestyle products poorly designed for physical health. I'm lucky to have come here!"

Linda H.

Since coming to Thomas Physical Therapy, I have experienced major gains in mobility and muscle strength in my neck and back. My pain level has decreased from a 10 to a 3-4, and my stamina and ability to participate in any and all activity has increased dramatically.

Prior to working with Randy Thomas at Thomas Physical Therapy, I was sure I would never be able to play golf again or be able to finish my wood-working shop, which had been on hold for nearly two years. I am able to play golf again, and I am able to enjoy my wood-working hobby fully once again.

Thomas Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy has restored a part of my life I was sure I had lost!

Larry C.

I was experiencing pain in my leg and back after overdoing it on a project. The pain and discomfort continued to get worse despite my attempts to correct it. On my first visit Randy completed an assessment and quickly diagnosed my problem. He treated my back and worked his magic and I left there feeling like a new man. I have no way to explain how effective his treatment was other than miraculous. He is truly gifted in his knowledge of the human body and how to diagnose a problem and correct it. I recommend him to anyone that is having issues as it makes no sense to deal with it when Randy can make it go away.

David P.

I had a lot of pain in my knee and leg which woke me up each night, a level 9 out of 10 pain. I was not able to sit for any length of time, getting up from a low chair was a challenge, as well as stairs. I considered surgery. After several weeks of PT along with home exercises I began to see great results; better sleeping and less pain. After several more weeks of therapy I am ready to graduate with pain-free results.

I have seen other PT’s before but none as knowledgeable as Randy. He listens well and uses his many years of experience to get his clients well. I am very grateful that I was referred to him. I would totally recommend Thomas Physical Therapy to anyone needing help. The staff is just super as well and I actually enjoyed all my sessions there. As a side note…I travelled almost an hour to get my therapy. Thank you Randy!

Sarah S.

When I first injured my back, my pain level was 10 on a scale of 10 and I was literally unable to move more than an inch without excruciating pain. Now, because of the skills of the therapists at Thomas Physical Therapy, I’m consistently without pain or sometimes a level 1. Not only are the Thomas therapists extremely competent but they are also very caring and go out of their way to adjust their schedule to help you. I always recommend them to my friends and family.

Ron Z.

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