October 2018 Newsletter

Apples, Bats & chicken feed

What's scarier than being at a Halloween party without a good costume? Being at a Halloween party without anything interesting to add, of course! Avoid this nightmare scenario by learning the fascinating history behind everyone's favorite ... CONTINUE READING

Protein Pandemonium

In the age of ketogenic and paleo diets, protein is king. Moms pack baggies of mixed nuts for their kids' soccer practices, high–protein variants of foods line the shelves of the supermarket, and nearly every household with a regular gym–goer has ... CONTINUE READING

Pain Free Cooking

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Organized, in the National Breast Cancer Foundation's words, to "honor those at every step of the breast cancer journey," the annual observance has also served to educate the public and raise funds for research. Learn more about this deadly but survivable disease, and find out how ... CONTINUE READING

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