November 2018 Newsletter

3 Fitness Trends That Can Withstand the Holiday Season

Let's face it: Maintaining your fitness this time of year is difficult. Even if you have kept up on your diet and workout habits during the spring and summer months, once the first leaf falls to the ground, even the idea of going to the gym seems strenuous. Why does this happen?... CONTINUE READING

An Attitude of Gratitude

Taking the time to acknowledge who and what you're grateful for is a Thanksgiving tradition far more important than turkey or football. It's the cornerstone of the holiday and the reason we feast together in the first place. But when you really think about it, should expressing our gratitude and appreciation for others be limited to one day every year? ... CONTINUE READING

Pain Free Cooking

Whenever an activity involves heavy lifting or repetitive motion, it's important to take steps to prevent injury. While back pain, carpal tunnel, and sore shoulders are normally associated with work-related injuries, it's important to note that these issues can also result from working in the kitchen if you’re not careful ... CONTINUE READING

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