June 2018 Newsletter


In recent years, science has gained a better understanding of the critical role that gut health plays in overall health, and society is starting to pay attention. Most people know that probiotics aid in digestion, but few people understand how. While probiotics are gaining popularity, prebiotics have flown largely under the radar. According to health experts, most Americans don't consume enough prebiotics every day, which can result in indigestion, higher levels of inflammation, increased likelihood of ... CONTINUE READING

Physical Therapy Is More Than a Physical Journey

It's not uncommon for physical therapy (PT) to focus on the strictly physiological aspects of your health; after all, the word "physical" is right there in the name. But while PT is an incredible recovery tool, it provides a number of other benefits that are often ... CONTINUE READING

A Natural Sweetener With Real Health Benefits

Honey is a wonderful all-natural sweetener. Despite being sweet, it comes with actual health benefits — something you can't say about other types of sugar. But some honeys are better than others, so it's important to buy the right  ... CONTINUE READING

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